“Being keenly aware of the emotional and financial burden litigation places on people, it has always been my goal to handle each case not only to a successful conclusion, but also as expeditiously and fairly as possible.”

Getting Started

Since you may never have retained an attorney before, I know it would be beneficial to let you know what you might expect at our first meeting. For example, if you were involved in an automobile accident, I will personally interview you myself to determine both the cause of the accident, and the extent of your injuries. Each case is different of course, but typically I will want to know the names of any witnesses, and if local police appeared at the scene of the accident. (They may have made a determination as to which driver was at fault.)

As this may also be your first time to have been injured in an accident, you will understandably have a slew of questions concerning your rights. If you were injured in an automobile accident you probably will have questions regarding the repair of your vehicle, a rental car, future doctor bills, and your lost wages.

When you retain me to represent you, we will sign an employment agreement which will embody our fee agreement amongst other things. In personal injury cases, I only receive a fee if I am successful in recouping a settlement on your behalf. If a lawsuit has not been filed, the typical fee (i.e. what is commonly referred to as a “contingent fee”) is 33 1/3% of your recovery. If I have to file a lawsuit on your behalf, my fee would increase to 40% of your recovery. Additionally, court costs and litigation expenses are paid from your share of the recovery.

Once I have been retained, I will communicate with the other party's insurance carrier on your behalf. I will keep abreast of your medical treatment and prognosis. After I have been informed of your release from medical care, I will attempt to settle your case. Although I will advise you as to the fairness of any settlement offers, the final decision to settle will always be yours.

So if you have been injured in an accident, or have the need to speak to an attorney for any reason, please call or email me for a free consultation with an experienced attorney who is eager to help.




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